Recommended Remote Medical Coder Set Up

This advice is pretty basic and much of it is applicable to working remotely most professions. First and foremost for your remote setting you need an area that provides a measure of privacy. Due to strict privacy rules and government regulations such as HIPAA medical coders must take the utmost care to protect the sensitive […]

Top 5 Benefits Working In-house as a Medical Coder

Although we may have our heart set on working remotely. Working in-house does have many benefits. Resources. When you work in-house you have resources that aren’t available working at home. When questions arise instead of waiting possibly days for an answer you have a network of medical coders just a few feet away to assist […]

How Do I Get Remote Medical Coding Work?

This is the second most common question I hear asked after how do I get a Job! Of course this is natural though because this is one of the main reasons we got into this career, it’s the dream! Unfortunately though, although these medical coding jobs are plentiful they are also very sought after. This […]