A Day In The Life of A Medical Coder

One unique aspect of being a medical coder is that you work in a variety of environments. As a coder you may work in a hospital, clinic, a billing office, remotely, and these are just a few of the many environments available to a coder. Despite the many setting a coder’s day typically is the same.

The coder typically starts with gather the charts from the previous day this may come in paper form or in a list from an electronic medical record. Then simply the coder starts from the top pulling up the first patients encounter. The kinds of records the coder will encounter largely depending on the setting you’re in. If you work in a larger facility typically you will work in specific specialties for example cardiology or orthopedics. If you work in a smaller clinic due to less staffing you will likely encounter a wider variety of things.

Many of the cases you encounter throughout your day will be fairly straightforward as you grow in experience and develop an understanding of common procedures used by you location. No matter how long you code you will however encounter cases that are more challenging and take additional research. This is when you will rely on your network of peers and other resources to help you arrive at the proper code assignment.

At the end of your day you will likely make note of work you were unable to complete to ensure these are priority the next day. You will check your productivity for that day and repeat this process the next day.

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