About CPC Academy

Hi I’m Robert

I’m a certified professional coder with years of experience. I made this site to show my closest friends¬†everything that I know about how to become a certified professional medical coder, and you get to learn along with them!

  • I have been coding for about 4 years now. I have progressed quickly with hard work and determination. I now work in a variety of e/m and surgery specialties.
  • I started this site because I know many coders at different stages in their coding careers. Some are still in school, others looking for jobs, and many¬†stagnant in their careers. I know others who are excelling and loving it!
  • Aside from knowing someone and already having an in with a company, in the beginning stages, there is absolutely nothing that differentiates a coder besides their attitude and level of preparedness. I started this site so that everyone can see through the fog and uncertainty of medical coding to have a clear direction to follow to enjoy success in this amazing career!