Getting Your Foot In The Door – Your First Medical Coding Job

A foot stopping a door from opening

Any research done into the medical billing/coding career might show, that the industry can be difficult to enter. This alone is a breaking point for most of the people who are involved with medical coding. Why is this you may ask? A lot of people don’t realize the potential of medical coding let alone where to go with the knowledge they have obtained. We are here to help with those very problems!

Before certified/currently going through the schooling, already certified but no job! If you’re in this category here is hopefully beneficial advice. Most people don’t pull out the newspaper and look for or type into the search bar “Medical Coding”, for a long time people were coming across the medical coding and billing position as a job they transferred into! The medical coding is becoming more and more popular very fast. If you have zero to little experience in the medical industry, the best thing to do is to find any type of job in a hospital, medical office, or clinic. Most employers will hire or fill positions within the employed staff before looking outside to others not working for the company. Don’t be afraid to try new things and always be looking for the new opportunities!

Networking is something that should be taken advantage of. If you’re currently going to school, the schooling system probably is and has a great source of networking. AAPC, AHIMA are amazing places to look for networking as well. Creating a LinkedIn account, or using any of the social networking sites to your advantage is advised. All of these can be great resources in expanding your career knowledge and experience. There can be opportunities to intern for some coders or companies.

Don’t be afraid to use many job searching sites. Some sites include: local state sights (ex: Utah’s,, AAPC’s job search.

Once you get your first Medical Coding position is when you determine where you go afterwards. There are occasions where people throw their hands up in the air thinking it’s a dead end career. Or are stuck to a specific wage and will never climb up. The first few months are the hardest. But being proactive and growing a hunger for knowledge will sky rocket how fast you obtain the ability to decide where you go with your career! And you will be surprised how fast you can move around through medical coding, and before you know it there won’t be anything you cannot learn.

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