How Do I Get Remote Medical Coding Work?

This is the second most common question I hear asked after how do I get a Job! Of course this is natural though because this is one of the main reasons we got into this career, it’s the dream! Unfortunately though, although these medical coding jobs are plentiful they are also very sought after. This mean that you and your resume must stand out. How do you accomplish this? Well unfortunately there is no substitute for experience we all have to pay our dues. What this mean is typically we will need at least a couple years coding experience in-house before our odds of finding a remote position become viable. There are ways around this though.

Look for companies that hire both in-house and remote coders. Many people have found success doing this. It gives you the chance to prove yourself rather quickly with employers and having seen your proficiency as a medical coder they are more likely to trust you in a remote setting. If you are working for a company that doesn’t currently have a work at home program set up maybe you can spear head this? Many employers may allow you to take your work home with you a day or two a week. This too will give you valuable experience because most companies that hire remotely want someone who already has been in that capacity before so it is another notch on your resume!

If you have the years of experience and are still unable to find remote coding work then you need to take a look at your experience. The more experience you have in a broad amount of areas and the more specialized your experience is the better your odds are of obtaining the job you’re looking for! Most companies look for someone with skills in multiple areas for instance surgeries and evaluation and management. By continuing to increase your skill set you make yourself more marketable thus increasing appeal to employers.

Look at this example, who would you hire?

Job position: A large multi-specialty clinic is hiring for an ENT coder to code for E/M’s in an outpatient setting… etc.….

Coder Jesse- “Hi I am Jesse I have three years’ experience coding E/M’s for ENT”

Coder Beth- “Hi I am Beth I have three years’ experience coding for ENT E/M’s also ENT surgeries. I also code for orthopedics, cardiology, and neurosurgery.”

Although Jesse has the necessary experience Beth has skills that go beyond what the employer is asking for. Because this is a multi-specialty facility they will likely be able to use her in other areas if there is a need. This one example of why it’s so important to gain expertise in multiple specialties. If you do this combined with years of medical coding experience you will be on your way to a remote position in no time!

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