Get Trained & Certified As A Medical Coder


So maybe you’ve decided to dive into the medical coding world, and are wondering what exactly is required in order to begin, and what it might cost.

  • Certification:

There are multiple ways to obtain a certification as a Medical coder. But living in the US, you would need to know the two main accrediting agencies for medical billing and coding. They are AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association), and AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders).

Out of these two agencies you would want to determine which of the two you would want to be affiliated with. These two companies are both ends of the spectrum when it comes to Professional Fee and Facility Coding. AAPC leans more towards Professional Fee services, while AHIMA leans towards Facility coding. To specialize in one or the other is something you should determine before selecting which agency you would receive your certification from.

  • Training

Once determined whom you wish to obtain the credentials from to become a Certified Professional Coder, you can start looking towards where you want to obtain the education from. Both AAPCA and AHIMA provide courses of their own, which can be achieved online or through classes. However, there are also many other places to obtain the knowledge for medical coding. Local and state colleges offer courses as well as accredited companies such as CareerStep, and Pennfoster.

Depending on what suits your style of learning. Online courses or classroom courses are what you would need to choose between. There are benefits to both. Most online courses can be taken at pace comfortable to you where you might be able to finishing the training month time. Where a classroom might provide you with resources as well as networks of people new and experienced in medical coding easily accessible to you.

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