Newly Certified

I Can’t Find Work. What Should I Do?

Although it may not seem like it the tough part starts AFTER school and certification. There are a few lucky ones who find a job doing coding right away but for others it has left them feeling regretful and unsure how to proceed. But, when you are prepared for what is to come it can make a world of difference!

How Do I Maintain My CEU’s While Unemployed or Looking For Work?

If you have had the unfortunate luck of going through an extended period without coding work after being certified this will be a challenge you face. The cost of renewing your certification maybe set, but without employer assistance you too may need to pay for maintaining CEU’s out of your pocket. The cost of the can certainly rise quickly even up to 100’s of dollar for just a few CEU’s.

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Should I Work In House Or Remotely?

Medical coding is unique in that it offers a wide variety of work settings. Although the goal for most coders is to get to remote work there are benefits and downsides to both. The only way to truly understand what is right for you is to learn what each has to offer then evaluate which best fits your unique situation.

Staying Motivated & Productive As A Remote Coder

Although working from your home office is great. There is a unique set of challenges that you will face as a remote coder that you wouldn’t deal with going into the office. From personal experience I know it is much more difficult to stay productive and motivated when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Knowing these unique set of challenges that come with working from home and how to combat these early will make your work experience fruit full from the start!