What should I Study To Prepare For The CPC Exam?

The Medical field is daunting and can be extremely intimidating if you don’t have any experience. Medical Coding expands that even more so! You’re learning the ins and outs of the medical field as well as learning a new language inside of it all. The coding language! Here is an outline of what you should […]

How Much Does the CPC Test + Study Materials Cost?

AHIMA The CCS Certification test through AHIMA costs around (always subject to change) $399.00 for a non-member, while a member costs $299.00. There are multiple additional study materials and guides that can be purchased as well. AAPC The CPC Certification test through AAPC costs around (always subject to change) $325.00 for a non-member, while for […]

Get Trained & Certified As A Medical Coder


So maybe you’ve decided to dive into the medical coding world, and are wondering what exactly is required in order to begin, and what it might cost. Certification: There are multiple ways to obtain a certification as a Medical coder. But living in the US, you would need to know the two main accrediting agencies […]