Work Where & Whenever You Want As A Medical Coder

If you have done your research about medical coding this is likely an aspect of the job that greatly appeals to you. Maybe you have dreams of working from a beach in Hawaii or being a world traveler taking your work wherever your heart desires. Or maybe like most of us we just want the […]

Job Security As A Medical Coder

The medical industry is full of opportunities! As a medical coder, whether working from home or working in the office, job security is a common question. One of the many benefits of working in the medical industry is that very concern! Most hospitals and clinics provide great benefits to their employees. So let’s break down […]

Medical Coding Can Be a Tough Road

It’s easy to get caught up in the end result. Once you’re finally finished and you’re finally in that job and your dreams of financial security and success are fulfilled. But one part that isn’t in those fantasies is the struggle to get there. Like any new career it can be difficult to get your […]

How Much Can I Make As a Medical Coder?


One neat aspect of medical coding is for relatively little formal education you can make a very good living if you are motivated. Although the average salary for a credentialed medical coder is around 48,000 per year. There is a variety of things that can influence your salary such as time on the job, location, […]

A Day In The Life of A Medical Coder

One unique aspect of being a medical coder is that you work in a variety of environments. As a coder you may work in a hospital, clinic, a billing office, remotely, and these are just a few of the many environments available to a coder. Despite the many setting a coder’s day typically is the […]