Professional Fee VS Facility Medical Coding – How Do I Decide?


One decision you will need to make when if you choose a career in coding is which side of coding you would like to pursue. Essentially coding can be broken down into two sections professional fee coding and facility coding. What is the difference?

Professional Fee

Professional fee medical coding is coding the physician part of the services. Essentially the “professional part”. This is the part of the services that the doctor would bill for. For example a patient presents to the ER for a severe headache the patient is admitted to observation and give an intravenous push of Toradol. The ER doctor would bill for his part service seeing the patient the ER evaluation management and any bedside procedures he performed.

Facility Coding

Facility medical coding is coding the Facilities part of the services. Essentially is coding for the use of a facilities resources in treating the patient. These resources include things such as drugs and services performed by nurse and other staff. For instance going back to proceeding example the intravenous push was performed by a nurse. Therefore the facility would bill for the ivp and the toradol.

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