Top 5 Benefits Working In-house as a Medical Coder

Although we may have our heart set on working remotely. Working in-house does have many benefits.

  • Resources. When you work in-house you have resources that aren’t available working at home. When questions arise instead of waiting possibly days for an answer you have a network of medical coders just a few feet away to assist you. This can be valuable because time spent on researching a question can be quite time consuming. If you work from home especially as 10-99, all distractions are costing you money! With multiple resources and minds on a question, it allows quick resolution of any issues that may arise.
  • Team Environment. Working in a team environment is a great way to keep you motivated. If you have trouble staying on task while working alone or are easily distracted, this may be the best option for you. Having a team to work with not only lessens the pressures on you, having multiple people also help shoulder the work load helps. It also helps keep you accountable helping keep that desire to slack off from taking hold knowing people are counting on you so you stay productive.
  • Set Schedule. Although having a lot of flexibility in your schedule can be great, at some point that work does need completed. If you have the tendency to procrastinate or let things that come up interfere with your work, working remotely may not be best for you. Sometimes it is better to simply work a 9:00-5:00 and be able to leave your work at work when the day ends. Working remotely takes a higher level of discipline because you need to be self-motivated. Sometimes it is a matter of starting in-house till you have gained that maturity before you venture into remote work
  • No Distractions. Sounds Familiar right? This can go both ways working from home and working in-house both have their own unique set of distractions. At home we have the hustle and bustle of family life. Kids needing taken places, that nagging feeling that the dishes or laundry need done. And that familiar “come on lets go for a quick round of golf you can work whenever you want right?” These distractions may not seem like much but they can kill productivity. If we have trouble staying on task sometimes it is best to simply not have the temptation.
  • The Interaction. If you have ever worked remotely for a significant amount of time it can be lonely and quite boring at times. If we consider ourselves a social butterfly of sorts and we enjoy interacting with fellow work mates this can be tough at times. We take for granted just how much having someone to talk to makes our day go by quickly. It may not seem like much but it’s definitely something we want to take into consideration or we may lose the enjoyment in our medical coding career!

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