Work Where & Whenever You Want As A Medical Coder

If you have done your research about medical coding this is likely an aspect of the job that greatly appeals to you. Maybe you have dreams of working from a beach in Hawaii or being a world traveler taking your work wherever your heart desires. Or maybe like most of us we just want the flexibility of being home spending more time with our families and taking care of our children. This prospect is likely your biggest draw for choosing this career.

There are things to keep in mind though. It’s not as simple as now I have my certification the world is at your fingertips. Before you will be able to work at home first you will need to prove to your employer you have the experience. For most this means working on the job for a few years first demonstrating first hand your proficiency. This can also mean you have taken on a new role after years of coding and can show through past experience you have the skills they are looking for. Once you have proven proficiency this is not the end of your preparation.

When you work at home you will need a work at home station. Sometimes your employer may provide you with a computer to work on. But in most instances you will need to purchase one yourself. This often is not cheap especially if you are paid on a per-diem basis you will minimize wait times and other non-revenue generating activities such as waiting for sites to load. On top of this you will need good internet access which is another additional cost that may not be reimbursed. So to sum it up the initial cost can be expensive for some.

If you have the experience and the tools available. Medical coding truly is the dream. It provides phenomenal flexibility. There are days I work close to a standard 9-5. There are other days where I do not start work till 8:00 at night. I frequently vacation and take my work with me, most hotels have Wi-Fi these days. It typically isn’t an issue. The best compliment I can give this career is it allows you true home life and work life balance. You no longer need to take time off take your kids to the doctor, or have to worry about taking that very long lunch. Its a job that you can truly schedule around life not life around it.

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